Cheap Car Insurance in 2019: 3 Tips to Choose Your

Many things, from the age and gender of the driver to the model of the vehicle, contribute to making insurance cheaper or more expensive. These are the risk factors used by the insurer when calculating the value of the insurance.

Age: The younger you are, the higher the price
Gender: In general, women’s insurance is cheaper than men’s insurance
Place of Residence: If your neighborhood registers more thefts, insurance will go up
Model: The insurer also carries out a risk analysis based on the vehicle model
Marital status: Singles tend to pay more expensive insurance than married
Note that for some of these factors there is not much to do – if you just take wallet or are between the ages of 18 and 20, your insurance will be more expensive. The good news is that it can get cheaper over the years.

If you do not have a vehicle yet, but are considering buying, it may be a good idea to investigate the theft history of the model in question. Every year, insurers launch surveys indicating which vehicles and models have the most economical insurance.

According to a report in Auto Sport Magazine, the 10 cars with the cheapest insurance in 2018 were:

Renault Kwid – $ 2,042
Fiat Argo – R $ 2,163
Volkswagen Virtus – R $ 2,171
Fiat Cronos – R $ 2,220
Nissan Versa – R $ 2,388
Chery QQ – R $ 2,462
Chevrolet Onix – R $ 2,482
Toyota Etios – $ 2,519
Citroën C3 – R $ 2,604
Ford Ka + – $ 2,632
Note that some of these models are also present in another list, the best-selling cars in Brazil, Fenabrave.

The coverage you choose impacts the amount you will have to invest. A wider coverage, with car-like facilities booking in case of loss, will cost more.

But always focus on cost / benefit. Not taking out third-party insurance may seem like a good idea when it comes to paying for the product, but it will be a problem if any loss occurs. The same goes for Optional Civil Liability (RCF) in car insurance – that coverage in case you get involved in an accident with someone and have to cover not only the costs of that person’s car, but also medical expenses and even compensation.

Study insurance offers that look too good to be true. In fine print you can find out that in the hour of need, cheap can be expensive.

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