8 Tips For Hiring The Best Car Insurance

Tips for hiring the best insurance for cars
After all, better car insurance? The answer is: it depends on your profile.

For some people, the best auto insurance is one that offers more protections. For others the best insurance is one that offers the most assists. Some drivers consider a reservation car essential, while others are more concerned about personal accident insurance.

How to choose the best car insurance?
We have separated a list of 8 tips for hiring auto insurance. See below how to get the best car insurance.

Be sure to check out our video with tips for hiring the best auto insurance.

1. Make an auto insurance quote on multiple insurers
With quotations in several insurers you get to know better the proposals and differentials of each of them. Some insurers offer a more extensive winch mileage, other larger car booking days and so on.

By doing a quote with Bidu Corretora you compare the price of insurance in up to 8 among the best insurers in the market in just a few minutes. In addition, you can speak with one of our consultants and receive offers from other partner insurers such as Porto Seguro Auto, SulAmérica and Itaú Seguros.

2. Reflect on why you are hiring your insurance
To have the best insurance for cars you must reflect why you are hiring that protection. Is it because you are afraid of someone knocking on your car or because you are afraid of being stolen? You’re not so afraid of fires or floods, but are you more worried about theft?

Knowing the reason you are hiring insurance will help you separate a good proposal from others that will not fulfill your job so well. In addition, you can also take out insurance with coverage for third parties or for personal passenger accidents. Both are important if you hit your car in another person’s vehicle or some passenger gets hurt.

3. Choose your assists well
Do you depend on your car for your locomotion? So in the event of an unforeseen event, a car reservation will be important to you. Another thing: do you travel a lot by car? A winch with a larger trailer mileage can be the difference between a quiet trip and a complicated journey. Insurers offer other differentials such as drywall assistance and even residential services within their 24-hour assistance package.

That is, almost everything is customizable in auto insurance as well as assists. So, focus on choosing the ones that best suit your needs. Do not know exactly what you need? Count on the help of our consultants to help with this!

4. Use the franchise amount in your favor
Insurers usually offer different franchise options, ranging from normal, extended, reduced or exempt. If you are more afraid of a crash, opt for a slightly higher insurance but with the cheaper deductible – since you only trigger the deductible in claims that commit up to 75% of the value of the car. The opposite is also true: opt for a more expensive franchise if your main fear is theft and so pay a little less on insurance.

5. Remember the Third Party Coverage
Most plans already offer this type of coverage – but that is not why you should not tailor it to your needs. Since these plans cover damage to the health and assets of others, think of the worst that can happen: how much would you have to pay if you hit that Porsche parked at the mall? We know it’s not cool to think of this sort of thing, but it’s always important to get prepared – and your car insurance can help.

6. Attention to the data reported
Have your documents in hand before you start to do the auto insurance quote. Thus, you do not run the risk of entering any wrong numbers or information. Usually the personal documents, car documents and information on the model of your car are enough.

Other documents will be required in the case of quotation for armored car, with gas kit, car auction or zero kilometers. But do not worry! Our specialists will inform you of the required documents.

Now if the quote is referring to auto insurance renewal, have the old insurance policy in hand. It has important information such as your bonus class.

It is worth remembering that wrong and false information can cause problems in the contracting of the insurance and the time of receiving the indemnification. In addition to provoking a major back-and-forth with your insurer, it may refuse to pay your indemnity if data that does not match reality is proven.

So do not lie or make a mistake in the quote form. Do not match the English player who lied to the insurer and got caught up on Twitter.

7. Pay attention to payment
Choose the best form of payment for your car insurance. The insurers usually pay the installments and make them available in debit to account or tickets.

If you choose debit from account, remember to authorize payment by application, internet banking or a simple connection to your bank. This is an excellent option for those who want to make life easier: just authorize and that’s it, debts are already falling on your account and you have more time for yourself:)

Be aware of the payment of installments, as the insurer may cancel your insurance due to non-payment.

8. Attention with the survey
The survey is used to check the situation of the car before formalizing the insurance, ascertaining if there are problems that prevent the coverage of the vehicle. As each case is a case, not all hiring is necessary to survey the car. Common cases where the survey is waived is the hiring of insurance for zero kilometer cars and the renewal of your insurance.

It is worth remembering that your car will only be insured after the validation of the survey. Therefore, do as soon as possible in the fixed positions authorized by the insurer or marking the visit of the technician in the place of your preference.

Now that you know how to choose the best car insurance, auto insurance simulation and protect your vehicle!

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