4 Super Tips to Protect Your Car from the Sun

The Protection Cover

Using a cover on the vehicle as protection is the most practical way out so you do not have a covered garage and you need to leave the car in the open. Although it is the most practical option when protecting the car from the sun, the covers need extra attention when it comes to covering the car. If the car is wet or the cover has rain-serene features, for example, stains may appear on the bodywork.

Crystallized Polishing

Another way to protect the car from the sun is to invest in a crystallization technique that applies a protective resin to the paint. This option guarantees greater durability to the paint, besides preventing that small aggressions reach the original varnish of the vehicle. When done by qualified professionals, the crystallization does not bring any type of damage or risk to the automobile and it is perfectly possible to do it more frequently than the polishing, for example.


This technique to protect the car from the sun consists of applying a powerful plastic on the bodywork to prevent UV damages and also small scratches. The envelope covers the entire vehicle with high-strength adhesives, which can be transparent (not changing the appearance of the car) or colored.

Panel protector, etc …

Using a cardboard on the dashboard to protect the car from the sun may seem like something obvious and even too simple, but with time of sun exposure the panel can become dry and even crack. Have you ever thought about the expense to solve those damages later? Remembering that in addition to avoiding cracks, the panel protector also leaves the steering wheel less hot when it comes back to the control.

Washing the car always with neutral soap or specific shampoo and drying it manually also helps to preserve it. Chemicals like soap powder and kerosene can stain the paint, especially if washing is done under the sun.

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